Painting Kitchen Cabinets Requires Great Skill and Perseverance

Kitchen Cabinet Repainting: Take it Easy When it comes to Kitchen Cabinets Painting, the saying it takes more than paint to fix things can apply to this as well. The job of a kitchen cabinet painter at House Painters is to simply repair damages or add a finish to existing cabinets without making the whole kitchen look retro or changing the entire concept of color and design. If it is just a simple repair, most painters are able to handle it. However if it is a do-it-yourself project like installing new cabinet handles, knobs or pulls, an amateur may find his or herself in quite a pickle. This is why it is important that you let the professionals do their job.

cabinet repainting

Professional cabinet painters are well-versed with the entire cabinetry designing and decorating process. They know exactly what the client needs, and they can work it into the budget without compromising on quality. Kitchen cabinet painting takes more than just paint with unsightly team rushing in to do the work. It takes a team, it takes time, it takes skill and most importantly, it takes creativity. Kitchen cabinet refinishing kitchens redefined give homeowners what they want, not what they need.

Before you get started with kitchen cabinet repainting or kitchen cabinet refinishing, make sure that you have the basics covered. If you are working on your own, make sure you have adequate lighting, a power outlet, and good ventilation. You should also make sure that the cabinets you are repainting are in good condition. If not, you may end up spending more on repairs.

First, prepare for the paint job. Prepare the surface to be painted with primer. It is best to use a good wood primer before the stain is applied. The surface can be stained with the use of either wet paint or dry paint. When applying dry paint, remember to apply the primer first.

Once the surface is ready, it is time to select the type of paint. There are basically two types of painters: those who like to do it themselves and those who like to buy their supplies from a nearby retailer. Many experienced cabinet door painters choose to buy their supplies from a local retailer since they usually carry a wide variety of products at competitive prices. It is very important for the painter to decide what brand of paint to use before the actual painting process begins. There are many brands available in the market, but only a few are truly long lasting and provide good coverage. One of these names is Rustoleum.

Once the surface is ready, it is time to prepare the tools and materials that will be needed for the painting project. Painting cabinets require the use of good brushes and paint roller. This is because when painting cabinet doors, you should keep them clean. Some painters prefer to buy new paint wheels for their machines. It is advisable to check if there is an existing model on the cabinet and buy the same.

Once you have all the supplies on hand and your machine, it is time to check the cabinet’s finish. This is one of the most vital steps because the cabinet should always look neat and professionally done. However, many homeowners fail to realize that when repainting, the cabinets’ finish may need some touch up. For instance, if the finish has been exposed and has started to chip, it is best to sand the surfaces and reapply the finish. If the cabinet is unfinished, make sure to cover it with masking tape to keep bugs away.

Before painting kitchen cabinets requires a lot of patience and skill. If you feel that you are not skilled enough to do the work, then you can always hire painters. They usually come with excellent skills and the expertise to deliver the desired result. Although hiring painters are more costly than doing it yourself, homeowners can be assured that it will be done right and the job will last for a long time. Thus, it is better to invest the money if you really want your kitchen to look good and stay in good condition for many years.